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Return to nature, your native faith, and your folk.


If you want to participate, get in touch, if you don't have skills or interest relevant to these early phases of the network, feel free to bookmark the page and check on the progress later.

We will have a public riot server (federated group chat client) later for you to join and other related services, but for now you can reach us via email at, for secure communications you may also encrypt the email with our GPG Key.

Currently volunteers could be useful who are skilled or passionate about learning:
-Digital Security
-Servers & Networks
-Decentralized or Federated frameworks
-Custom Linux Distros & General technical skills
-Myths, Spirituality, and Theory
-Ancient Language & Etymology
-IOTA Tangle or Other blockchain
-Engineering, Metalworking, Architecture & Self-Sufficient living alternatives
-Permaculture, Homesteading, Animal husbandry & Ecology
-Healthcare, Folk Medicine & Nutrition
-Organic Chemistry, Chemistry & Other Sciences
-Alternative Electronics

Both advisory and membership inquiries are welcome.

Key: GPG