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Return to nature, your native faith, and your folk.

Site updated - Heill!

The website code has been completely re-written, you may also read the new articles.

If you like the website theme, check back later because we will be releasing two simple templates along with instructions. One for personal sites/basic utilities and later another for groups/organizations/more intricate networks.

We are also offering subdomain spots here for dedicated members of the Folkish Struggle for free ( Just send an email introducing yourself, what areas you focus on and what you would like to use it for. Keep in mind that there are limitations to free speech on non-p2p & non-tor domains such as this one, because all surface web domains are controlled by a centralized entity. Please express yourselves intelligently if you are interested in a presence on this portion of the internet. However, we are opposed to the internet remaining heavily centralized and controlled, so we will in future projects work on making decentralized platforms available and more accessible, If you have technical skills in this field, especially with Linux and decentralized or federated open source frameworks please consider volunteering.

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